Chreche in Mayur Vihar

Curriculam makes and helps children to develop themselves their world In multiple ways. Sensory stimulation is rich and triggers investingation in to themes and topics. The Curriculam focus is on interest abilities, learning pace & style of each child. Learning is made meaningful, authentic through practical experience, pictures, objects. So that children can enjoy while learning teachers create a truly unique multicultural learning and dramatization environment in wee paradise pre-school.

Teaching skills :-
Scribbling, moulding the clay to make objects, dancing, singing, coloring, shapes, Rhymes….
Activities :-
Games, exercises, skating, Dramatisation, Stage show, puppet show, yoga, splash pool, color days, food without fire.
Visits to church, parks, picnics etc..
Multimedia based learning:-
Stories, farm animals, movies, festivals,Rhymes songs.

Focus on Social Growth:-
1. Large Group Activities Like – Assembly, Dance, Festival Celebrat, yoga, Rhymes, Movies, Color days.
2. Medium Group Activities Like- Photo session, introducing table manners, Birthday parties etc..
3. Small Group Activities Like- Skating lessons, coloring, helping to point the objects etc..